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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Link Correction

This is to update the proper address Link for the September Collectibles store located at the Art Garage Sale. I had linked to the home page instead of the store. Here is the proper link for September Collectibles on Art Garage Sale.

Doing Dirty Driftwood

Over the years C.S. Alexis made various approaches to cleaning up the driftwood she uses in her pyrographic art. The wood is almost guaranteed to be dirty. Sometimes it will be host to various insects and other unwanted creepy, crusty things. Time and testing moved her to a point where she has certain actions she takes as soon as the driftwood makes it's way back to Adrift Art Studio.

This article shares how to clean the driftwood up, dry it out and make it ready to turn in to a nice work of art. Read it on with artist C.S. Alexis.