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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enjoying The Autumn Weather In NW Indiana

Colder nights, but not freezing, damp air and cool breezes.....just a few of the things that cause my senses to welcome a stay in NW Indiana. The weekend has been a bit dreary as far as weather goes. That is fine because living in Nevada has given reason to my own appreciation of clouds. The lack of clouds and rain in Henderson NV is mostly nice but when I find myself searching the blue sky for a hint of white and a dream of rain, well that is what makes this weather such a blessing at the moment.

I told myself I would get out in the rain and get wet, kissed by a million droplets of water falling from the heaven. I did not. Because I am quite busy here in Indiana. I am setting up a network/team of sales reps for our jewelry. Hopefully I will get a chance to feel the rain on my face before returning to Henderson.

I plan to hunt driftwood while I am here. So excited to announce that we made our first sale in our Adrift Art Studio Etsy store and it was a most lovely piece of driftwood. My deep excitement stems from my passion for driftwood but there is much more to it. I have been working in the direction to sell driftwood Online since the early 1990's. This first sale marks success and a beginning for something I have dreamed about for many years.

You can bet I will be on Lake Michigan as soon as possible and I will be enjoying the Autumn weather in NW Indiana