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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Receiving Adrift Art Studio Born Again

The work is boring as C.S. sorts through box after box of items she had stored away after the flood. Much of it was jammed away as quickly as possible to get it out of the way. All of the repair work that had to be completed meant removing everything to another location.

The flood water seeping in slowly allowed some time to grab whatever was in sight and carry it to higher ground. Over a matter of hours all that could be snatched up was and in the bustle things were mixed up. The house adjoining ours was in serious danger. Their basement wall caved and that put an immediate halt to our salvaging what we could from our own. The ground in common to our neighbors house was compromised when their wall caved meaning it was just not worth the risk to continue our mission.

Adrift Art Studio shared that common ground with the neighbors house and trying to remove anything from that side of the building could have resulted in serious human injury or even death from drowning as the water continued to push it's way in to all the lower areas.

In the aftermath of the storm our basement was full of water and Mother Nature appeared to have won the battle. Adrift was a sunken ship.

Weeks of shoveling, picking, cleaning and packing turned in to months. Piles of debris and bits of the past were tossed into large dumpsters and hauled away. A few things were saved here and there as the massive amount of destruction slowly turned over it's ground to an empty space.

Power washing and mold treatments took center stage in preparing the structure to seek redemption. Scrub and clean, sweep and mop, removing the destroyed and preparing for a rebirth. The roots were still there somewhere, in a box, in the intangible zone, in her nightmares and her dreams.

Many times over the past 17 months it would have been easiest to toss in the towel. Call it a loss and find something else to do. Walking away and not looking back seemed a suspended apple in front of her weary eyes. The challenges often seemed larger than life and the frustrations of personal injury along with a faltering economy added insult to her circumstance. Enter the dragonfly!

Life is an illusion and we can make of it what we will. All we have to do really,is believe. Believe it long enough and it will become a truth. Work toward a belief and it will make the intangible a reality. Do what you have to do to make things happen.We moved fast working to carry all we could up the stairs in hopes of saving it from water damage. Things that stayed in the lowest level were placed up as high as possible off the ground. There was no reason to believe the water would fill the basement to the ceiling. All we could do was what we had done and the rest was up to God and Mother Nature.