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Friday, February 26, 2010

Open house cancelled...UGH!

Yesterday C.S. woke up feeling like a big pile! Stuffy nose and tickling throat were not what she had in mind for the next couple of days. Open house for Adrift Art Studio just 2 days away, this could not be happening.

Fact is, it has happened and this morning C.S. is feeling like she must have a case of flu with achy muscles, chest congestion and a headache to beat the band. Looks like there will have to be a delay in having an Open House for her new Adrift Art Studio.

Sleep and hot tea is most likely going to be the agenda for at least a few days. It was a slap in the face yesterday but C.S. says things happen for a reason and Mother Nature must have wanted it to play out this way. She decided to go with the flow and climb back in her nest. The open house can wait and she will spend the next few days working to bring her health back to par.

Please stay tuned!