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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mixed Media Steampunk Jewelry

Just for a bit of fun and flare Sepi ordered up some findings to get me going on a trendy style of jewelry called Steampunk. I like the mixed media in all art forms so it seemed to be something I might get a rush out of trying.

When the shipment came in I have to admit after taking a look at the Steampunk collection I was left feeling sort of empty about it all. It just seemed to be a bunch of stuff that I could not relate to. That is when I decided to do a little digging and see what other Jewelry Designers were doing on this style.

I shopped around quite a bit and then went back to the workbench still feeling a little anxiety about Steampunk jewelry. That was until I actually picked up a few pieces and started arranging them around on the table top. I played with it for a good hour, just checking out the colors, shapes, sizes and how each element played off of another. I started getting excited about the entire idea. Yeah this was starting to be very cool.

Personally I love vintage things and old is mysterious and attracting, magnetic to me. I feel like there is a certain spirit to the pieces that is energy carried over from people in the past who handled and even adorned themselves with these very elements. It stirs something deep in my own spirit, something intangible and distant.

So I have created a few different pieces and I have to admit that as I worked to finish the first piece I was already feeling good about starting another. The energy was flowing and the past was the present and now I would like to display some of that happening here. From C.S. Alexis, @ Adrift Art Studio Steampunk is intetresting to say the least.