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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fresh Paint At Adrift Art Studio

Excitement is building as C.S. Alexis begins putting the Adrift Art Studio in to place once more. She has not stopped working as an artist since the big flood wiped out her work area but it sure did slow her down. Not to mention all of the additional turmoil that rebuilding from scratch caused, it has been a war but C.S. Alexis has unwavering determination and perseverance.

Gathering her tools and supplies together she has reached the point where having a home art studio is no longer a dream. No it is not what she had before the flood but with an optimistic viewpoint she is certain that this studio will become the best ever. It all takes time and C.S. has put a multitude of hours in to this project. Her intention is to have a Grand Opening very soon and is currently busy organizing this space in to a functional, productive art studio. Adrift Art Studio LIVES.