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Friday, August 13, 2010

Adrift Art Studio selling natural driftwood

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C.S. Alexis has been applying her creative energy to mixed media using driftwood for many years. Now she has taken her love for the gift from Mother Nature to another level. Collecting driftwood from the shores of Lake Michigan started as a hobby oh so many years past. C.S. has decided to add the raw driftwood and elements made from the driftwood to her art and craft supplies available in the Etsy shop, Adrift Art Studio.

Pictured above is just a sample of what is available now. There will be more driftwood added as it is finished curing. The driftwood is shipped from Chicago to Las Vegas where it is sun dried in the hot Las Vegas desert. Once it is ready to make driftwood art and crafts it will be offered for sale. See more driftwood now.