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Monday, July 12, 2010

C.S. Alexis doing private jewelry show in Chicago next week

Really looking forward to traveling back to visit friends and family. Most of all am excited to take a new line of jewelry to show at a private gathering. Will be hooking up with good friends, creative types, artists and writers and a mixed mash of remarkable folks to show my latest BPB jewelry line.
This one is dealing with the monster at large also known as The Gulf Oil Spill, BP's botch. The ultimate screw up, saying it politely. I am an avid outdoor type. I love nature, take me fishing, I am happy on the water. I love the wind, the waves, sunshine, flowers and wildlife. I live for it. It is there for me.
How much longer? Will we be able to watch the grandchildren play in the ocean? At the rate things are going it makes me sick. What can I do about it? I really am not 100% sure, but I feel I have to do something.

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Alternative energy is the long term answer. Sick to death of "big business" and "drill baby drill" trying to hold back the progress of what we should be doing about energy.
A few weeks ago my auto insurance company sent me a complimentary gift because I am a new customer. A nifty little radio, flash light combo thingy. No I don't need it but it is cute. What's so damn cute about it?

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The same thing that pisses me off. I can set it in the window ledge and the solar collector on it keeps it running. This pisses me off soooooo bbbbaaadd. Why?
Because I know that if technology has gotten this far with gadgets that we could be using these sources for way more than we are.
We need to pay attention here folks.

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So my new line of jewelry is going to be my way of trying to do something about it. Wildlife is being massacred by big business and this tree hugging crazy old lady is about to go nuts. Time to get up and fight for what we know is ultimately RIGHT.