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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catch my arts and crafts articles

I publish on a regular basis for The Henderson Arts and Crafts Examiner. I write about all kinds of stuff relating to creativity. Hope you will join me there. Please subscribe and always leave comments and suggestions because it is all about interaction.
Your comments help me write better articles and that makes for a better site. So jump in and send me some love!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Big Events This Summer

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There is paint and wood and beads and wire, jumbled all about the work areas. C.S. and company have been staying busy. Two big events are marked on their calendar for this summer.The first is happening in July, not too far off now. Everything has to be packed and ready to fly to Chicago on the 13th. C.S. has been burning the midnight oil in preparation. Lots of good energy going on.

Late at night there is a good chance the neighbors hear her howling at the moon.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This place is a wreck

It looks like a tornado went through here...HHHHAAAA! I have been creating and a whirlwind of action has left the place looking like..."where is the bottom of my desk?" Okay so today I am going to try to straighten things up a bit because I cannot stand it anymore.
No room left to be creative. Need to wipe the slate clean so I can begin again.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Do the fresh52 for Father's Day

I will keep them coming and please keep supporting our cause by subscribing and sharing these articles with everyone you know.
Have a great Father's Day weekend and be good to Dad.

Updating the blog page, in honor of the USA

Google came up with some new templates so I thought it a fun idea to freshen things up on the blog. The other thing was the 4th of July is not far off so what a way to celebrate the wonderful freedom we enjoy in our part of the world. Here's to the red white and blue! yes I know we have our problems but we are also the greatest nation on the planet and we should be proud of our country for all she is worth.

While we are on the subject, here is another idea. Why not make some fun bracelets for the 4th. This "how to" article can steer you in the right direction.Read it and make your creative side kick in and design your own bracelets, make some for the entire family.

You can pick up some materials listed below, available from and the prices are usually very competitive so chances are you will be able to save money and have everything you need shipped right to your front door. Happy Days to everyone.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Adrift Art Studio Is churning out the creative material

The things going on in our studio are sure to make an impact someplace. Sepi is busy working in the office, trying to get everything on the Internet while C.S. continues to write her "How To" articles. Helping other artists reach their goals is a big part of what makes this studio tick. The growth and develpoment of our studio is on a roll. It is so much fun to be able to work at the studio on a regular basis. Sure doesn't feel like a real job, well at least most of the time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Working At Adrift Art Studio

Now that there is so much time to spend actually working on her art and her ideas, C.S. has been pushing her jewelry to come up with pieces that express her inner most joy.

Driftwood is a passion for this artist. She has been working with the wood collected from the river's edge, the lakes shore and the ponds banks.
C.S. Alexis so loves Mother Nature and all of her glory.

These new jewelry necklace designs are fun for anyone who likes to show their love for nature too!

Experimenting with a variety of materials that are re-purposed has been top on her agenda for many years. C.S. holds true compassion and concern for the state of our environment and her artwork has reflected those concerns for many years.
Now that more people are becoming aware, C.S. finds that more people enjoy the simplicity of her creative statements. C.S. was going green before the phrase was coined and it reflects in her Adrift Art Studio today.

Been doing lots of fun stuff with driftwood. Check it out! This one is in the store now.

Friday, June 11, 2010

C.S. Is Creating and Writing About It, Again

Hey there everyone.

I have been burning the midnght oil at Adrift Art Studio and it is really making things happen. Here is the latest article published on This one is a "How To" that suggests a great way to re-purpose cardboard and utilize it in your vendor booth. Make some designs that you can use to boost sales and have fun doing it.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts and helping other creative people. Makes me feel great but, what really makes me happy is to know that I am helping Mother Nature. This idea is based on re-purposing cardboard and it offers a little way to keep some cardboard out of the trash. It will save money and you can have fun with this project idea. So go ahead and take a look.

Read my latest and see if you like the idea and maybe you can incorporate it in to one of your next creative projects. It might even make Mother Nature smile in your face.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

C.S. Alexis Writes About Local Arts Culture and A "How To"

Recently published articles have kept C.S. busy writing. She has also been working on more props for the vendor booth. Adrift Art Studio has been getting out and about. This being quite new to the program, it has been a full time gig trying to put together an attractive display. Sure is a lot different than working inside.

Outdoor venues require much additional equipment and thought. It is also quite different to deal with weather. The temperature soared to 108 degrees last Sunday in many parts of the Las Vegas valley. It did not help that the AC went out and naturally that happened during the peak of the high temps.

That did not keep Sepi from signing us up to do the Fresh 52 Market. Hey, it all gets us more experience under our tent and it puts us out amongst the people. We met some interesting customers and had a good time despite the weather.

One of our neighbors was Celestial Doble and her Etsy store, Rockin Mama Baby Gear. It was nice to get to chat with Celestial and she was kind to share a few tips on getting more sales on Etsy. Her gear is fresh and different, and her commitment to quality is the best.

Take a look at these new publications by C.S. Alexis. The first is about local arts culture in Henderson.
The other article is a "how to" about making a table skirt from repurposed cardboard.