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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's Do This Etsy Birthday Party Big

Handmade In Vegas wants to make a great big showing for the First Birthday Party for, RIGHT?

Everybody join in the fun and make the Handmade in Vegas Team shine Bright for this event. Sign up now and show your support!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Adrift Art Studio's First Nevada Market Showing

Sepi and I are gearing up for the first outing for Adrift Art Studio since arriving in the Las Vegas area. We have worked hard over the past 3 weeks, taking care of the legal aspects of operating as a business in Nevada. It takes quite a bit of time to line everything out. Now we are working on product and display.

Getting a display that will function as an outdoor vendor is somewhat different than doing indoor gigs. The elements play a major role in presenting our artwork to the public in a way that will survive Mother Nature. It seems the wind and sun are the two things to watch for in South Nevada. We purchased a nice canopy for the sunny aspect as a solution. Now we must make sure the wind does not pick up the canopy and fly us off, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. We are not licensed to work in Kansas or Oz.

All jest aside, there is still much to do. The first day will be Sat. May 29th and 2nd day is Sun. May 30th at Fresh 52 Market. The Fresh 52 Market has only been open a couple weeks so it is exciting to get started in a new market. I will post the locations for each day sometime toward the end of the week as a reminder to our local friends, so please stay tuned. Sure hope to see some of our new friends out shopping or vending for their own agenda. Come by and see us there and be sure to tell all your friends to join in the open air fun.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

ARTsWAlk Third Thursday, Henderson Nevada

Tonight there will be art flowing in a two block section of downtown, Henderson Nevada. Many local artists gather in the Water Street District to encourage visual literacy, and art appreciation. It is a casual affair, suitable for the entire family.
Free hands on art projects make this an interactive outreach program where artists share their work and their techniques. Meet artists, enjoy Gallery receptions, and learn as you make your way through the self guided, two block tour. The event runs from 5PM-9PM.
Made possible by the Water Street Business Association, ARTsWALK is a cultural event that is sure to bring enjoyment to anyone who attends.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Art And Craft Shows From The Vendor's Perspective

For the serious artist who wants to make a living selling the work they produce it is often hard to find a location with opportunity. It is wise to do your research in an on going manner. Always be on the lookout for up and coming shows that might reflect your style, fit your schedule and your budget. Stay open to new ideas, and make lots of friends within your niche.

Try to be supportive of your fellow artists and keep a positive attitude at every turn. Focus for the artist is so important. It is also important that the shows you do attend are focused on arts and crafts. Most often it is best to avoid the kind of situations where there is competition with carnivals and misc. forms of entertainment that do not relate to arts and crafts. People who attend arts and craft shows are focused on arts and crafts.

Medicine shows are for medicinal clients if you get my drift. Here is an example of where I do not want to include the artwork produced at Adrift Art Studio. Then again it is up to you to make those choices. Think carefully before you pay those vendor fees.

My Share On Handcrafted Jewelry Displays

It started out to be finished several months ago. Then I decided to move Adrift Art Studio to Las Vegas from the Chicago area. That took my energy totally away from writing and put it in the prep mode, to make the move happen. Now that I am here (C. S. Alexis here) in Henderson, NV. I have had some time to start writing again.
That brings me to tying up all the things I have started and not yet finished. One such project is this article I wrote about Handcrafted Jewelry Displays. This is an important concern for anyone who is wanting to sell their work. Please take a look at the finished article. I wrote it based on some of my own ideas and experience. It shows quite a few photos and gives suggestions on things to consider when a jewelry display is needed. Read all about it now. Enjoy!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Las Vegas and South Nevada Etsy Artists Unite

The timing for this gathering together of Etsy Artists from Las Vegas could not have been more appropriate from our personal perspective at Adrift Art Studio. The decision to relocate to Las Vegas was something that took lots of thought and preparation. Las Vegas is a far cry different from the Chicago Region, and moving half way across the country is a major adventure. Thanks to technology the transition has been easier than one might suspect.
Internet access and computer generated communication makes so many aspects of such a large change smoother to handle. We had barely managed to get the car parked before we found an invitation from the newly established Etsy Group in our email box. Las Vegas Etsy Artists Uniting was feeling like an out right "Welcome To Las Vegas", for C.S. Alexis and her Adrift Art Studio. The group was so new that we were even able to take a look at the names posted for consideration as the group began to take form.

Sepi has been in Las Vegas for the past 10 years and she also felt like this new group could be a great opportunity for our online Etsy store, Handcrafted Jewelry USA. We are pretty much newbies to the Etsy world and could not have dreamed such a great union would be forming with such perfect timing. Expanding our Online ventures is a must if we want to grow our business which started on Ebay. Sepi and I would like to extend a huge "THANK YOU" to Flaky Friends, Etsy Store Owner, Sarah Flake for coming up with the idea to gather together all the locals who are operating on Etsy. This is sure to be a great opportunity for those who work at participating.

Sarah Flake is acting fast to generate attention toward the group, now known as Etsy Does Vegas Team. She has recruited help from another group member, Kathy Wheeler who is working on FaceBook to promote our group. These ladies are eager, motivated and rockin! Etsy Does Vegas seems to have a lot of high energy members and a ship load of positive vibes to help each and every member. A big hand and hardy BRAVO to these two ladies and all the members of Etsy Does Vegas Team. South Nevada Artists and Etsy Does Vegas are pulling wonderful energy together. Looking forward to learning more, being a spirited member and getting to know all about the arts and crafts that will be represented by this union.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finding Like Minded Artists In Las Vegas Nevada

Making our way to one of the many casinos in Las Vegas Nevada for a different sort of entertainment was our agenda. Sepi and I are researching local art and craft shows for future reference. The first stop on our list was The Crafters N Gift Gallery Show in The Fiesta Casino. We were very excited to possibly meet a team member from our Etsy Does Vegas Team. Sepi did some research and found that a member was also showing their work. We were both excited to possibly meet like minded artists.

The show was located on a corner spot that allowed passers by to see the displays from the open hall on the 2nd level. The first booth upon entry was occupied by the Crafters N Gift Gallery Shows promotor, Judi. A quaint setting occupied by 8 or 10 vendors made shopping feel casual. We were easily able to find our targeted team member in this setting.

First stop was the lovely, professional display for Artesia Products. Her collection was impressively packaged and her charming smile and uplifting personality was warm and personal. Marie K. Jones expressed that this was her first craft show. We were so encouraged by her presence and pleased to know she was an Etsy Does Vegas Team member. Thumbs up to Marie. Her positive energy and bright spirit shine through in her work.

Cold Nose Closet,Ltd was also showing their work at this show. Sepi found that these two ladies are working together in a business relationship much like our own. They are family members in business.
I am an avid dog lover and I will be sure to be shopping for special gifts for my two boys at Cold Nose Closet, Ltd. The materials used to make the pet products are high quality and very colorful. It is nice to see creative yet functional work.
Sepi encouraged these ladies to join Etsy and our Etsy Does Vegas Team. I especially hope they will.

Research is a very important way to grow any business. Getting out amongst other artists and sharing energy with them is a learning experience that can be priceless. The future of any business venture can be made stronger if the ground work is placed on a planned foundation. The energy we put forth now will pay off for Adrift Art Studio in the long haul, I am sure of it. Looking forward to many more excursions in search of like minded artists in the Las Vegas area.

The Las Vegas Art District

Once a month some of the regional artists gather in a part of the old, downtown district of Las Vegas to show their skills and hawk their productions to curious shoppers. A blend of musicians, craftsmen, painters, potters, and partiers, amongst others, take it to the streets. They call it First Friday. This is where I got my first taste of the many flavors, of a creative feast, open to all, in The Las Vegas Art District.

Like most street festivals, First Friday offers a variety of food and libation to enhance the experience. Cold beer stands and an array of cocktail vendors keep the party going. This scene seems a hot spot for some UNLV students, and as the sun goes down the volume goes up. We took advantage of the evening and took in the sights and sounds, enjoying mild evening weather.

Tent vendors display an assortment of creative styles with paintings, photography, ceramics, jewelry, unusual lamp work, textile crafts, and so much more. The variety of creativity offers something for every one's delight. My sister Sepi, my niece, Mother and myself especially enjoyed the antics of a street band called Steam Powered Giraffe. Their costumes were fun, their makeup was marvelous, the music was upbeat and their stage presence was captivating. Mother, at 83 years old enjoyed their performance more than anything on the venue. Their "steampunk" image goes hand in hand with a particular style of jewelry I have become fascinated with. Seeing Steam Powered Giraffe boosted my curiosity to say the least.

The Las Vegas Art District hosts First Friday each month, 12 months per year, rain or shine. The entertainment begins in early evening and goes into the night. When the sun goes down the musical entertainment overshadows the visual arts so keep that in mind if you ever plan to attend this exciting bit of The Las Vegas Art District.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting A Feel For Change

There is so much in life we tend to take for granted. Our surroundings, homes, friends, families and familiar settings are just some of the things that come to mind at the moment. We go through our daily routines and often forget to count our blessings and those things we except as our own. It is not until we feel loss or remove ourselves from the familiar that we realize all of what we have or had. I recently moved half way across the country to live and work in my Adrift Art Studio.

Just last week, to be exact, I was traveling from the Chicago area to my new location in Henderson Nevada. The driving took us about 28 hours on the road and as the familiar scenes and sounds gave way to the horizon, taking life for granted was knocking on my door.

My closest friends who could attend, came to honor our friendship and celebrate my new journey on this path of life. It was sweet and emotional as we spent time eating, laughing and enjoying each others company one last time, until we meet again. Some friends I had not seen in quite awhile and their gift of giving time to send me on my journey with enthusiasm was a reminder that we should remember to count our blessings and live in the moment.

The move has not been completed because we had to have the supplies and equipment, furnishings and personal property shipped via long haul trucking. That has me in a state of limbo until the truck arrives and everything is unpacked and put in to place. The time between now and then is being spent getting a feel for change. There is much to explore, get use to, investigate and grow accustom to here in the South West.

Most everything is quite different from the landscape to the plant material, the time zone to the weather conditions. Not only does one need to adapt to the new they have to except the loss of the familiar. It is one of life's challenges, getting a feel for change. It takes time and a willingness to overcome what was the norm. This is an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time. Waiting to dig in and nest is the hardest part for me. I look forward to the truck arriving so I can push forward in pursuit of my artwork and creative aspirations. Until then I am busy checking out the local art scene and all there is to offer here in Henderson NV that will inspire my work.

From the mountains to the valley.....

I am getting a feel for change.