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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finding Like Minded Artists In Las Vegas Nevada

Making our way to one of the many casinos in Las Vegas Nevada for a different sort of entertainment was our agenda. Sepi and I are researching local art and craft shows for future reference. The first stop on our list was The Crafters N Gift Gallery Show in The Fiesta Casino. We were very excited to possibly meet a team member from our Etsy Does Vegas Team. Sepi did some research and found that a member was also showing their work. We were both excited to possibly meet like minded artists.

The show was located on a corner spot that allowed passers by to see the displays from the open hall on the 2nd level. The first booth upon entry was occupied by the Crafters N Gift Gallery Shows promotor, Judi. A quaint setting occupied by 8 or 10 vendors made shopping feel casual. We were easily able to find our targeted team member in this setting.

First stop was the lovely, professional display for Artesia Products. Her collection was impressively packaged and her charming smile and uplifting personality was warm and personal. Marie K. Jones expressed that this was her first craft show. We were so encouraged by her presence and pleased to know she was an Etsy Does Vegas Team member. Thumbs up to Marie. Her positive energy and bright spirit shine through in her work.

Cold Nose Closet,Ltd was also showing their work at this show. Sepi found that these two ladies are working together in a business relationship much like our own. They are family members in business.
I am an avid dog lover and I will be sure to be shopping for special gifts for my two boys at Cold Nose Closet, Ltd. The materials used to make the pet products are high quality and very colorful. It is nice to see creative yet functional work.
Sepi encouraged these ladies to join Etsy and our Etsy Does Vegas Team. I especially hope they will.

Research is a very important way to grow any business. Getting out amongst other artists and sharing energy with them is a learning experience that can be priceless. The future of any business venture can be made stronger if the ground work is placed on a planned foundation. The energy we put forth now will pay off for Adrift Art Studio in the long haul, I am sure of it. Looking forward to many more excursions in search of like minded artists in the Las Vegas area.


JewelandtheSun said...

I like how you get out there to do research and network with fellow artists. You are inspiring me to try and sell some of my own art work in the park show next year.

Artesia said...

It was so great to meet you both! I was really uplifted by the common energy of creation we share.
I agree- get out there and do it! Research, participate, and support.

Welcom to So. NV! :~)

C.S. Alexis said...

You know how much I love inspiring my fellow creative friends. You go for it. Maybe do not wait until next year but rather find out what event you can partake in that is just around the corner. Best wishes for your success.

It is so exciting to reach out and find their are many folks with similar interests. Looks like this journey is going to be loaded with frills!