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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Driftwood On The Artistic Menu

I have been working in the studio more the past week. So many ideas and never enough time. I love the driftwood and since I have a fresh supply it has me up nights. The nights are cooling off some so I can get outside and work. That is what I like to do.

The sound of crickets chirping, silence...there is no such thing in my mind. I hear the electricity humming and I wood burn. Night time is the right time for the creepy projects I have been inspired to create. Halloween is not far off and I want to make up plenty of fun things to put in the Adrift Art Studio on I have a few things posted for sale already.

This Halloween I want to offer up a variety of work. My motivational level is high. I am going to be traveling back to Chicago again soon too. That has my artwork on production mood as well. We are going to have several private jewelry parties in Chicago in September. Lots to do and lots to look forward to. Life is good and exciting around Adrift Art Studio. Oh BOY! Counting our blessings always.

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Creepy bones and drooling lips are what makes Halloween so much fun for the creative minded. It goes great on the driftwood. I plan to grow my driftwood supply upon my return to Chicago next month too. Looking to double what we have posted for sale at the Adrift Art Studio Shop.

Wishing happiness and creative bliss to everyone.