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Friday, March 5, 2010

Designing A Jewelry Display

Sickness took me by surprise and put me down for a good week. Not what I wanted to happen but I do not always get what I want. I have learned to go with the flow. Life takes it's own route and all I can do is hang on. Not that I am not prone to put up a fight. Sometimes, some things just can not be fought so the best thing to do is suck it in and hunker down. I like to spend the down time day dreaming, planning and creating in my mind.

That is how I came up with a thought for what to do with my jewelry when displaying it to sell. First I thought about packaging and tackled that bear quite a few months back. Then I started getting so much inventory I had to get it all organized. Jill and I both worked on that project for a few days. Things were falling in to place at a good rate when I got sick. So I laid around coughing my head off and thinking about how to display my work.

I looked around at some websites to see what other jewelry designers were doing. I thought about colors, convenience, flow, points of interest and so on as would pertain to a display. I made up my mind to purchase a dark color, probably black, velvet to make the jewelry stand out. Then when I was feeling up to it I headed to a local outlet store to make my material purchase.

I really feel like there was a spiritual intervention between the front door of the store and the sewing department. I was directly attracted to a certain cloth that reminded me of sand.That was it. it was not my intention, not my plan of attack but when I saw it I knew I would have to work with it. Something about it was magical to me.

The next day I headed over to a thrift store to pick out some sort of glass or stoneware that I could use as additional items to give my jewelry display a uniform way to arrange the individual pieces. I had seen a couple designers who had used beans and rocks on plates to show their work. Again I went straight to a pile of saucers that were splattered with the exact colors in my business card. It sure seemed to be one hell of a coincidence.

I picked out a table cloth to match, and there I had the two main colors for my table covering. With the saucers in tow I was headed to the check out line when I saw the finishing touch. There were not too many left so I bought them all. River Rocks that had been polished to a bright finish. I also found a few bags of glass rocks that were made with my same color scheme so I purchased those also.

I will be adding a bit of driftwood to the display and I am good to go. I have the driftwood drying in the late winter sun so it is not quite ready but it won't be long. Some times everything just falls together perfect and all the time spent thinking and considering what to do seems like it was only my mind's way of keeping me idle long enough to recover from a bout with the flu. I am still not feeling 100% but my jewelry display is almost complete. Thank you to God!