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Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting A Feel For Change

There is so much in life we tend to take for granted. Our surroundings, homes, friends, families and familiar settings are just some of the things that come to mind at the moment. We go through our daily routines and often forget to count our blessings and those things we except as our own. It is not until we feel loss or remove ourselves from the familiar that we realize all of what we have or had. I recently moved half way across the country to live and work in my Adrift Art Studio.

Just last week, to be exact, I was traveling from the Chicago area to my new location in Henderson Nevada. The driving took us about 28 hours on the road and as the familiar scenes and sounds gave way to the horizon, taking life for granted was knocking on my door.

My closest friends who could attend, came to honor our friendship and celebrate my new journey on this path of life. It was sweet and emotional as we spent time eating, laughing and enjoying each others company one last time, until we meet again. Some friends I had not seen in quite awhile and their gift of giving time to send me on my journey with enthusiasm was a reminder that we should remember to count our blessings and live in the moment.

The move has not been completed because we had to have the supplies and equipment, furnishings and personal property shipped via long haul trucking. That has me in a state of limbo until the truck arrives and everything is unpacked and put in to place. The time between now and then is being spent getting a feel for change. There is much to explore, get use to, investigate and grow accustom to here in the South West.

Most everything is quite different from the landscape to the plant material, the time zone to the weather conditions. Not only does one need to adapt to the new they have to except the loss of the familiar. It is one of life's challenges, getting a feel for change. It takes time and a willingness to overcome what was the norm. This is an exciting time but it can also be a stressful time. Waiting to dig in and nest is the hardest part for me. I look forward to the truck arriving so I can push forward in pursuit of my artwork and creative aspirations. Until then I am busy checking out the local art scene and all there is to offer here in Henderson NV that will inspire my work.

From the mountains to the valley.....

I am getting a feel for change.