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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pulling It All Together

Adrift Art Studio survived and struggled to resurface as a bigger, better place to work and nurture the ideas and creations of C.S. Alexis. The studio was all but wiped off the map in a major flood that employed the natural destruction of water and mud to do the dirty deed. The majority of materials, tools and furnishings were lost and a visual survey offered insight as to just how difficult it was going to be to start over, rebuild and carry on.

The tangible removed, dirt and mud scrapped and scrubbed away, utilities restored and a fresh coat of paint applied to the repaired concrete walls cast a brighter light on the situation. Not all was lost in the flood. It seems a little water, or a lot of water cannot stop a greater force...... what is a greater force than flood water and moving Earth?

The force of CREATIVITY.