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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Blog Going Down

Happy holidays to everyone. I wanted to invite all of you to follow my other blog. My Shares On Life Adriftinstead of this one. The reason is I will soon be letting this blog go and will concentrate my blogging on my other bog. I am doing this to help hone and enhance all of my workings on the web.

Hope you will all continue to follow, be friends and share. Seasoned Greetings to All. Be blessed, be Happy and most of all BE CREATIVE!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All The Nice People

I thought it was due time to say thanks. All of the people who were kind enough to leave some sort of feedback on our Handcrafted Jewelry USA etsy shop I offer a great big THANK YOU! These things are very important to us now and to our growing future. We want to please our customers and when they are thoughtful enough to post feedback like what we have been seeing, it helps our future sales.

It is all about the customer and your satisfaction means so much to us. Bless all our customers and all who plan to become customers in the future. Thanks for supporting Handcrafted Jewelry USA.

Sepi is having a sale so save 15%! Oh, and Free Shipping, too!!
Use coupon code CM15A when checking out. Happy Cyber Shopping!!

Highest Regards,

Artist and designer, C.S. Alexis

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jewelry Craft Kits Available

Encouraging others to get creative is the intention behind some new items coming available in our sister shop "Adrift Art Studio". For starters we have added wood burning (pyrographics) on cedar. This kit is ready to be hand decorated by you. It can be painted, colored with crayola, markers, colored pencils or even wood stains. The choice is yours.

We like to see others get busy being creative and using their own self expression. This idea of starter kits is a wonderful way to indulge the creative mind. The kits are not color by number but are intended to turn out a one of a kind creation with a little help from your friends at Adrift Art Studio.

Another kit now available is a Driftwood Pendant Jewelry Necklace Craft Kit. This is also ready to finish however you like. The imagination is meant to be put to work as the crafty one expresses their crative self using one of our starter kits. This jewelry making kit is a great stocking stuffer because the packaging is small.
The elements inside all the craft kits from Adrift Art Studio are made from high quality elements made to last. Each kit is handcrafted and Made in the USA.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sister Sepi Should Be Proud Of These Steampunk Earrings

I do much of the designing for our Handcrafted Jewelry USA Shop on but sister Sepi likes to order jewelry elements. She tells me it is the best part of this business. Browsing websites in search of findings, gemstones and other components to make the jewelry has Sepi always on the hunt for something different and interesting.

Some of the stuff she comes up with leaves me talking to myself. "What I am going to do with that!!!"

Then it seems to all fall together for me as if it were meant to be. That is where I was hanging with these watch gears and internal organs Sepi purchased and said "there you go, See what you can come up with from a Steampunk point of view."

I love the Steampunk style. It is old and it is new. It is very fascinating and frustrating at the same time, at least from a designer point of view. This is because so much of the Steampunk jewelry seems to look the same even though it is all different. It borders on Victorian with a quirky twist.

The quirk is what I love about it too. I was rocked when I managed to put this pair of earrings together. Hope you will like them too.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Lapis Earrings Sold

There are times when I look at the gemstone beads I have to make my jewelry out of and I just hate to do much to them. This was the case with these perfectly natural beauties. Mother Nature did some of her best work on these gemstones. Keeping it simple seemed a must on my part.

Great to know that other people understand the value of gifts that come to us like this. These earrings were in the shop just a few days before someone saw the same beauty I'd seen. I wanted just to say THANK YOU Mother Nature.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

New Design Handcrafted Cork and Copper Fashion Necklace

This necklace just off the work bench. It was a fun one. Mixed media is always my favorite. Things are selling too. Some of our jewelry has not stayed on the website for more than a couple of days. Shipping a wonderful set of Blue Lapis Lazuli Earrings to Chicago. Lakeshore Drive no less. Like taking a part of me home...hehehe

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Mixed media and look how interesting. Copper chain and a wire wrapped wine bottle cork. I added some cute little teardrop Garnet gemstone beads because they seemed so grape like. The square glass beads have a copper frame and a peridot colored window, hints of a wine bottle catching my imagination. Very fun.

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Look for more new designs from the wine bottle cork collection. I went crazy with my dreamy ideas and came up with a few delightful pieces. I have not yet photographed. Working on it....stay tuned!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Handcrafted Business Gearing Up For Holiday Sales

Adrift Art Studio has been burning the midnight oil. Seems like the urge to be creative hit home at a perfect time for C.S. and sister, Sepi. Both woman have been plugging away at the work pile, full steam ahead. Halloween will be here in the wink of a black cats' eye and that means Christmas is right around the corner.

Thought you might enjoy a look at some of the new products available in out Etsy Shops. Don't forget to take a look-see! Handcrafted Jewelry USA is driving home plenty of new listings in that shop everyday.

Not to be left in the dust, Adrift Art Studio has been adding artwork too. There has also been more art supplies listed as a way to meet the creative needs of other driftwood artists. Be sure to shop our stores. Remember there is free shipping for the USA and Canada on all of our jewelry at HJUSA.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holidays Ahead

Halloween marks the beginning of celebrations for the holidays ahead. Seems like this has been a very busy year even if the economy has a lot of us questioning the future. We can't stop the calendar. Handcrafted Jewelry USA has been adding new jewelry to their shop daily.

Semi precious gemstones are on the design table. C.S. Alexis is putting together some amazing, one of a kind gift sets for the coming holiday season. She has this thing about nature and it is showing through in her colorful designs for winter.
It is interesting how she is mixing up fashion trends with the gemstones, combining different metals and wire work to give her jewelry designs that urban edge.

You can count on one thing from artist, jewelry designer, C.S. Alexis, when you wear one of her jewelry designs to that holiday party, you won't be seeing it on someone else. Her pieces are handmade, original designs, and no two are alike.

Watch for items that will set off the season's celebration like these blazing hot earrings matched with a necklace like no other. Shop Handcrafted Jewelry USA on

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Enjoying The Autumn Weather In NW Indiana

Colder nights, but not freezing, damp air and cool breezes.....just a few of the things that cause my senses to welcome a stay in NW Indiana. The weekend has been a bit dreary as far as weather goes. That is fine because living in Nevada has given reason to my own appreciation of clouds. The lack of clouds and rain in Henderson NV is mostly nice but when I find myself searching the blue sky for a hint of white and a dream of rain, well that is what makes this weather such a blessing at the moment.

I told myself I would get out in the rain and get wet, kissed by a million droplets of water falling from the heaven. I did not. Because I am quite busy here in Indiana. I am setting up a network/team of sales reps for our jewelry. Hopefully I will get a chance to feel the rain on my face before returning to Henderson.

I plan to hunt driftwood while I am here. So excited to announce that we made our first sale in our Adrift Art Studio Etsy store and it was a most lovely piece of driftwood. My deep excitement stems from my passion for driftwood but there is much more to it. I have been working in the direction to sell driftwood Online since the early 1990's. This first sale marks success and a beginning for something I have dreamed about for many years.

You can bet I will be on Lake Michigan as soon as possible and I will be enjoying the Autumn weather in NW Indiana


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Driftwood art, jewelry and more from C.S. Alexis at Adrift Art Studio

Making more changes at Adrift Art Studio to incorporate new ideas and life styles for C.S. Alexis and company. There has been much goings on with the move to Henderson NV. and personal affairs within the business. Life deals a hand and we play it. That is the thought from C.S. Alexis. We have to go with the flow and work within our means. Not always what we plan but what we have to do to keep it all in motion.

She has been inspired with fresh feelings for the driftwood she has been working on. Some of that inspiration has lead to finished pieces being posted on both shops. Handcrafted Jewelry USA saw the first designs with the googly eyes and other jewelry pieces made from driftwood.

Adrift Art Studio has also grown to incorporate the love of the driftwood. C.S. Alexis has finished artwork for sale in that Etsy shop as well. There is more to come and another driftwood hunting trip in the near future. C.S. wants to make sure there is a huge variety of driftwood available before the cold weather sets in around Chicago. Not much fun trudging through ice and snow to collect the driftwood.

Winter weather is better spent in Henderson working on the pyrographics and the jewelry. C.S. has some fresh ideas on re-purposing too. Here is a recent article she wrote about driftwood art, C.S. Alexis on Keep a keen eye peeled for some innovative art to come from Adrift Art Studio this fall.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Driftwood On The Artistic Menu

I have been working in the studio more the past week. So many ideas and never enough time. I love the driftwood and since I have a fresh supply it has me up nights. The nights are cooling off some so I can get outside and work. That is what I like to do.

The sound of crickets chirping, silence...there is no such thing in my mind. I hear the electricity humming and I wood burn. Night time is the right time for the creepy projects I have been inspired to create. Halloween is not far off and I want to make up plenty of fun things to put in the Adrift Art Studio on I have a few things posted for sale already.

This Halloween I want to offer up a variety of work. My motivational level is high. I am going to be traveling back to Chicago again soon too. That has my artwork on production mood as well. We are going to have several private jewelry parties in Chicago in September. Lots to do and lots to look forward to. Life is good and exciting around Adrift Art Studio. Oh BOY! Counting our blessings always.

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Creepy bones and drooling lips are what makes Halloween so much fun for the creative minded. It goes great on the driftwood. I plan to grow my driftwood supply upon my return to Chicago next month too. Looking to double what we have posted for sale at the Adrift Art Studio Shop.

Wishing happiness and creative bliss to everyone.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Adrift Art Studio selling natural driftwood

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C.S. Alexis has been applying her creative energy to mixed media using driftwood for many years. Now she has taken her love for the gift from Mother Nature to another level. Collecting driftwood from the shores of Lake Michigan started as a hobby oh so many years past. C.S. has decided to add the raw driftwood and elements made from the driftwood to her art and craft supplies available in the Etsy shop, Adrift Art Studio.

Pictured above is just a sample of what is available now. There will be more driftwood added as it is finished curing. The driftwood is shipped from Chicago to Las Vegas where it is sun dried in the hot Las Vegas desert. Once it is ready to make driftwood art and crafts it will be offered for sale. See more driftwood now.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

C. S. Alexis hunting driftwood on Wells Street Beach

The week in Chicago had to include a driftwood gathering. C.S. loves to hunt for the driftwood she uses to make her artwork and some of her handcrafted jewelry. Combing the beaches is so enjoyable. C.S. says it is one way to put life into perspective.

The impact of the Gulf Oil spill is weighing heavy on her mind. She could not help but think of all that black goo making death a certainty for the innocent victims, the wildlife. The tragedy was center stage in her thoughts as she gathered the driftwood.

Growing up near a lake like Lake Michigan and spending countless hours combing the shoreline has marked this artist for life. Marked in a wonderful way, C.S.has an outstanding positive attitude about nature, the elements and all that life on the shores of a Great Lake have to offer. She remembers when you could not walk on the beaches because the pollution was killing the fish and the dead fish bones were impossible to cross in bare feet.

Lake Michigan is so much better now that we humans have taken some actions to protect her. More could and should be done on Lake Michigan and around the world to protect and nurture our Mother Earth. Shout it from the top of your voice, learn as much as possible, teach our children and practice healthy environmental conservation on a routine agenda. Join forces and walk the talk. It is all about the love.

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Watch for this piece of driftwood in a future post as C.S. transforms her feelings through her mixed media makings.

Monday, July 12, 2010

C.S. Alexis doing private jewelry show in Chicago next week

Really looking forward to traveling back to visit friends and family. Most of all am excited to take a new line of jewelry to show at a private gathering. Will be hooking up with good friends, creative types, artists and writers and a mixed mash of remarkable folks to show my latest BPB jewelry line.
This one is dealing with the monster at large also known as The Gulf Oil Spill, BP's botch. The ultimate screw up, saying it politely. I am an avid outdoor type. I love nature, take me fishing, I am happy on the water. I love the wind, the waves, sunshine, flowers and wildlife. I live for it. It is there for me.
How much longer? Will we be able to watch the grandchildren play in the ocean? At the rate things are going it makes me sick. What can I do about it? I really am not 100% sure, but I feel I have to do something.

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Alternative energy is the long term answer. Sick to death of "big business" and "drill baby drill" trying to hold back the progress of what we should be doing about energy.
A few weeks ago my auto insurance company sent me a complimentary gift because I am a new customer. A nifty little radio, flash light combo thingy. No I don't need it but it is cute. What's so damn cute about it?

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The same thing that pisses me off. I can set it in the window ledge and the solar collector on it keeps it running. This pisses me off soooooo bbbbaaadd. Why?
Because I know that if technology has gotten this far with gadgets that we could be using these sources for way more than we are.
We need to pay attention here folks.

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Alternative Energy: Political, Economic, and Social FeasibilitySunforce 39126 246-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Power KitSunforce 44444 12-Volt 400-Watt Wind GeneratorSunforce 50044 60-Watt Solar Charging KitSunforce 39110 123-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panel with Sharp ModuleSunforce 82250 Solar Motion Light - Pack of 2
So my new line of jewelry is going to be my way of trying to do something about it. Wildlife is being massacred by big business and this tree hugging crazy old lady is about to go nuts. Time to get up and fight for what we know is ultimately RIGHT.

Friday, July 9, 2010


The water is a place to fish a place to relax a place to gather driftwood from the shore, C.S. Alexis loves the water, refreshing, cooling, calming, crashing waves

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Long days playing in the sand, walking on the beach, catching fish and swimming

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She likes to take her dogs to the water's edge, chasing sticks and biting waves, running hard and fast, kicking sand and shaking it all over everything

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The children love to wade and they never mind the warnings about getting their shoes wet, let alone their clothing

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picking up sea shells and laughing in the sun, wind blown hair the going style

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they imagine giant monsters living in the deep blue sea, sharks and whales the size
of ships

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finding bits and pieces of passers from another day, another lifetime spent upon the sands

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no thoughts of darkness lurking, boiling, burping

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miles from the beauty basking on the beach

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storming, thundering thick and black and dark so dark

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aweful, ugly, oozing, seeping sadness

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devastation pouring pounding drifting draining out

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pretty bad pretty bad pretty bad

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going black, killing everything in it's path

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