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Monday, June 14, 2010

Working At Adrift Art Studio

Now that there is so much time to spend actually working on her art and her ideas, C.S. has been pushing her jewelry to come up with pieces that express her inner most joy.

Driftwood is a passion for this artist. She has been working with the wood collected from the river's edge, the lakes shore and the ponds banks.
C.S. Alexis so loves Mother Nature and all of her glory.

These new jewelry necklace designs are fun for anyone who likes to show their love for nature too!

Experimenting with a variety of materials that are re-purposed has been top on her agenda for many years. C.S. holds true compassion and concern for the state of our environment and her artwork has reflected those concerns for many years.
Now that more people are becoming aware, C.S. finds that more people enjoy the simplicity of her creative statements. C.S. was going green before the phrase was coined and it reflects in her Adrift Art Studio today.

Been doing lots of fun stuff with driftwood. Check it out! This one is in the store now.