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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All The Nice People

I thought it was due time to say thanks. All of the people who were kind enough to leave some sort of feedback on our Handcrafted Jewelry USA etsy shop I offer a great big THANK YOU! These things are very important to us now and to our growing future. We want to please our customers and when they are thoughtful enough to post feedback like what we have been seeing, it helps our future sales.

It is all about the customer and your satisfaction means so much to us. Bless all our customers and all who plan to become customers in the future. Thanks for supporting Handcrafted Jewelry USA.

Sepi is having a sale so save 15%! Oh, and Free Shipping, too!!
Use coupon code CM15A when checking out. Happy Cyber Shopping!!

Highest Regards,

Artist and designer, C.S. Alexis

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jewelry Craft Kits Available

Encouraging others to get creative is the intention behind some new items coming available in our sister shop "Adrift Art Studio". For starters we have added wood burning (pyrographics) on cedar. This kit is ready to be hand decorated by you. It can be painted, colored with crayola, markers, colored pencils or even wood stains. The choice is yours.

We like to see others get busy being creative and using their own self expression. This idea of starter kits is a wonderful way to indulge the creative mind. The kits are not color by number but are intended to turn out a one of a kind creation with a little help from your friends at Adrift Art Studio.

Another kit now available is a Driftwood Pendant Jewelry Necklace Craft Kit. This is also ready to finish however you like. The imagination is meant to be put to work as the crafty one expresses their crative self using one of our starter kits. This jewelry making kit is a great stocking stuffer because the packaging is small.
The elements inside all the craft kits from Adrift Art Studio are made from high quality elements made to last. Each kit is handcrafted and Made in the USA.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sister Sepi Should Be Proud Of These Steampunk Earrings

I do much of the designing for our Handcrafted Jewelry USA Shop on but sister Sepi likes to order jewelry elements. She tells me it is the best part of this business. Browsing websites in search of findings, gemstones and other components to make the jewelry has Sepi always on the hunt for something different and interesting.

Some of the stuff she comes up with leaves me talking to myself. "What I am going to do with that!!!"

Then it seems to all fall together for me as if it were meant to be. That is where I was hanging with these watch gears and internal organs Sepi purchased and said "there you go, See what you can come up with from a Steampunk point of view."

I love the Steampunk style. It is old and it is new. It is very fascinating and frustrating at the same time, at least from a designer point of view. This is because so much of the Steampunk jewelry seems to look the same even though it is all different. It borders on Victorian with a quirky twist.

The quirk is what I love about it too. I was rocked when I managed to put this pair of earrings together. Hope you will like them too.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Lapis Earrings Sold

There are times when I look at the gemstone beads I have to make my jewelry out of and I just hate to do much to them. This was the case with these perfectly natural beauties. Mother Nature did some of her best work on these gemstones. Keeping it simple seemed a must on my part.

Great to know that other people understand the value of gifts that come to us like this. These earrings were in the shop just a few days before someone saw the same beauty I'd seen. I wanted just to say THANK YOU Mother Nature.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

New Design Handcrafted Cork and Copper Fashion Necklace

This necklace just off the work bench. It was a fun one. Mixed media is always my favorite. Things are selling too. Some of our jewelry has not stayed on the website for more than a couple of days. Shipping a wonderful set of Blue Lapis Lazuli Earrings to Chicago. Lakeshore Drive no less. Like taking a part of me home...hehehe

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Mixed media and look how interesting. Copper chain and a wire wrapped wine bottle cork. I added some cute little teardrop Garnet gemstone beads because they seemed so grape like. The square glass beads have a copper frame and a peridot colored window, hints of a wine bottle catching my imagination. Very fun.

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Look for more new designs from the wine bottle cork collection. I went crazy with my dreamy ideas and came up with a few delightful pieces. I have not yet photographed. Working on it....stay tuned!