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Friday, November 5, 2010

Sister Sepi Should Be Proud Of These Steampunk Earrings

I do much of the designing for our Handcrafted Jewelry USA Shop on but sister Sepi likes to order jewelry elements. She tells me it is the best part of this business. Browsing websites in search of findings, gemstones and other components to make the jewelry has Sepi always on the hunt for something different and interesting.

Some of the stuff she comes up with leaves me talking to myself. "What I am going to do with that!!!"

Then it seems to all fall together for me as if it were meant to be. That is where I was hanging with these watch gears and internal organs Sepi purchased and said "there you go, See what you can come up with from a Steampunk point of view."

I love the Steampunk style. It is old and it is new. It is very fascinating and frustrating at the same time, at least from a designer point of view. This is because so much of the Steampunk jewelry seems to look the same even though it is all different. It borders on Victorian with a quirky twist.

The quirk is what I love about it too. I was rocked when I managed to put this pair of earrings together. Hope you will like them too.

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1 comment:

Almost Precious said...

Oh those are so fun !
Great combo of machine and jewelry. The beads you used look like blue-goldstone, which seems perfect for steampunk fashion; that past meets future look.