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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Follow My Jewelry Blog

I love to write. I actually make a little money at it. I love making handcrafted jewelry and I make a little money at that too. Key word here is LITTLE. Need to make that word change to something bigger, better and more encouraging to my income. This is an invitation for those of you who would enjoy giving me some help.
Come read my blog. Post your comments below and I will even encourage positive criticism.
Yes, by listening to you, I can learn how to better do what I do. So won't you lend me an eye? Give me some input and help me do what I do best, BETTER???? On that note, how about some feedback on one of my latest jewelry creations? Take a look and leave your constructive critiques in a post on this page.

You can view additional photos of this newest jewelry design in our store at Handcrafted Jewelry USA.