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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Holidays Ahead

Halloween marks the beginning of celebrations for the holidays ahead. Seems like this has been a very busy year even if the economy has a lot of us questioning the future. We can't stop the calendar. Handcrafted Jewelry USA has been adding new jewelry to their shop daily.

Semi precious gemstones are on the design table. C.S. Alexis is putting together some amazing, one of a kind gift sets for the coming holiday season. She has this thing about nature and it is showing through in her colorful designs for winter.
It is interesting how she is mixing up fashion trends with the gemstones, combining different metals and wire work to give her jewelry designs that urban edge.

You can count on one thing from artist, jewelry designer, C.S. Alexis, when you wear one of her jewelry designs to that holiday party, you won't be seeing it on someone else. Her pieces are handmade, original designs, and no two are alike.

Watch for items that will set off the season's celebration like these blazing hot earrings matched with a necklace like no other. Shop Handcrafted Jewelry USA on

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