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Monday, May 10, 2010

Las Vegas and South Nevada Etsy Artists Unite

The timing for this gathering together of Etsy Artists from Las Vegas could not have been more appropriate from our personal perspective at Adrift Art Studio. The decision to relocate to Las Vegas was something that took lots of thought and preparation. Las Vegas is a far cry different from the Chicago Region, and moving half way across the country is a major adventure. Thanks to technology the transition has been easier than one might suspect.
Internet access and computer generated communication makes so many aspects of such a large change smoother to handle. We had barely managed to get the car parked before we found an invitation from the newly established Etsy Group in our email box. Las Vegas Etsy Artists Uniting was feeling like an out right "Welcome To Las Vegas", for C.S. Alexis and her Adrift Art Studio. The group was so new that we were even able to take a look at the names posted for consideration as the group began to take form.

Sepi has been in Las Vegas for the past 10 years and she also felt like this new group could be a great opportunity for our online Etsy store, Handcrafted Jewelry USA. We are pretty much newbies to the Etsy world and could not have dreamed such a great union would be forming with such perfect timing. Expanding our Online ventures is a must if we want to grow our business which started on Ebay. Sepi and I would like to extend a huge "THANK YOU" to Flaky Friends, Etsy Store Owner, Sarah Flake for coming up with the idea to gather together all the locals who are operating on Etsy. This is sure to be a great opportunity for those who work at participating.

Sarah Flake is acting fast to generate attention toward the group, now known as Etsy Does Vegas Team. She has recruited help from another group member, Kathy Wheeler who is working on FaceBook to promote our group. These ladies are eager, motivated and rockin! Etsy Does Vegas seems to have a lot of high energy members and a ship load of positive vibes to help each and every member. A big hand and hardy BRAVO to these two ladies and all the members of Etsy Does Vegas Team. South Nevada Artists and Etsy Does Vegas are pulling wonderful energy together. Looking forward to learning more, being a spirited member and getting to know all about the arts and crafts that will be represented by this union.

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