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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Share On Handcrafted Jewelry Displays

It started out to be finished several months ago. Then I decided to move Adrift Art Studio to Las Vegas from the Chicago area. That took my energy totally away from writing and put it in the prep mode, to make the move happen. Now that I am here (C. S. Alexis here) in Henderson, NV. I have had some time to start writing again.
That brings me to tying up all the things I have started and not yet finished. One such project is this article I wrote about Handcrafted Jewelry Displays. This is an important concern for anyone who is wanting to sell their work. Please take a look at the finished article. I wrote it based on some of my own ideas and experience. It shows quite a few photos and gives suggestions on things to consider when a jewelry display is needed. Read all about it now. Enjoy!

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