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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Catch my arts and crafts articles

I publish on a regular basis for The Henderson Arts and Crafts Examiner. I write about all kinds of stuff relating to creativity. Hope you will join me there. Please subscribe and always leave comments and suggestions because it is all about interaction.
Your comments help me write better articles and that makes for a better site. So jump in and send me some love!
Warm Regards!


Almost Precious said...

Hi C.S. Your blog is a new kid on the block and it takes a little time to get the word out and build up a following. Just hang in there as I can tell you have a lot to offer the blogging world.
I think my blog sat around for about 5 or 6 months with very few visitors and a big fat 0 in my followers widget. :(
It really does help to visit other blogs and post comments. Also since you are published in a paper, put your blog URL in your article telling people that they can read about more creative craft projects and articles on your website. Additionally, people do like tutorials and many crafters are eager to try new crafts, make something that they've never made before or find out new and helpful tips and tricks on how to do something easier,faster or better. Best of luck. :)

Blogging from My Balcony said...

Hi C.S., I really enjoy your writing style and I agree with Almost Precious you do have a lot to offer to the blogging community. I am a real new kid on the block here. I am still trying to find my way...obviously I want to monetize my blog and develop a product to sell and all those good things, mostly I am really hoping to find mentors. There certainly are many talented and generous souls online. Speaking of online...whee...I think I finally successfully connected my blog with twitter and facebook..but to be honest most of the techy stuff is over my head. Hey, for what it's worth, I only have 2 followers but they are the most important! Thanks for being one of them!

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