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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Slave Bracelet With Thumb Ring

Here is the latest version of my series on slave bracelets. It is up for offer in our shop, We will ship before Christmas so you can have it under the tree!

Get it while it's HOT.

The handcrafted jewelry produced at Adrift Art Studio is all one of a kind production. C.S. does make some jewelry that might be a spin off for a certain style but each item is made as a single unit. There is no mass production to the work. This makes the collection from C.S. Alexis most unique. Many jewelry designers do not make their own designs but have them mass produced and then they just add their name to the work. Not so with the jewelry you will find at Handcrafted Jewelry USA. Buy an original from the hands of a designer not a production worker in a factory.

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