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Friday, February 19, 2010

Adrift Art Studio Open House Coming Soon

Now it is a big push for C.S. Alexis to get all the finishing touches put on her new art studio. There is still so much to do. C.S. has an attitude about it. She feels that the entire experience is a "God Thing" and it will all come off just perfect. That does not mean she is not a bit anxious about the journey.

Taking it one step at a time is hard for her. She wants to hurry up and get it done. That is her nature. Same reason she had to buy a high speed wood burning tool and likes to paint with acrylics. When it comes to artwork, patience is not really one of her virtuous sides. She likes to work in speed and endurance. Get it down and move on. Oil painting was never her cup of tea. It takes too long for the paint to dry!

Digital photography is wonderful. Snap a photo and have a great quality print in a matter of minutes. Yes C.S. Alexis is all about getting it done fast, but fast is not always best. This is why she likes to work on several different projects at the same time. It is also why she likes to practice gardening. You can not rush Mother Nature when it comes to growing plants. It forces C.S. to be mindful about the right time and right place for things to happen in a positive outcome. She has learned over the years to take life as it comes and try not to get too edgy over things that will not make a difference in 40 years.

So the studio is coming along and it looks to be a good place for getting the speedy work accomplished as well as the time consuming creations. Won't be long until C.S. is pounding out some very creative works in the new Adrift Art Studio.

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